Artist Statement

With a rough touch I claw out my desires in clay. Inspired by mythology and history I explore hiraeth, a nostalgia for that which never was. I seek the ideal through imperfection, moments of beauty scraped into stark reality. Seeking connection with Poland, where I was born, I am often confronted with hostility to my basic identity as a queer man.

I resonate emotionally with aspects of history and folklore that my birth culture rejects – their distant past and their many-faced gods. In an act of supplication to these deities I offer up my self, my perceptions and my gropings to find truth and wholeness. Intimacy and connection are constant undercurrents. The human and the semi-human form is of particular interest.  It merges the familiar with the other. The male form especially has been a focus of my explorations of desire and of being desired.  The context in which I regard the masculine figure offers an inversion of the traditional male gaze.